Orca 5 Update

So its official with the first pictures given by Dudek on the Orca 5.

So what can we add to what is already known on the press release?

We might be able to highlight a few important considerations.

  1. The Orca has a max payload of 220kg which makes it a great PG tandem glider and we are still waiting to see what he max weight figures will be on the PPG/Tandem side.
  2. The Orca 5 has a minimum speed of 38km/hr which is worth considering for a landing approach speed (out of ground affect)
  3. Dudek indicates that the Orca 5 will have much improved handling due to new design and manufacturing methods. Pilots have come to love the Orca XX for tandem operations because of its very solid handling characteristics. Initiating turns can be tough to do with a lot of brake pressure required. Will this be different on the Orca 5? Ear-on -the-ground says YES.
  4. The glide ratio is comparable to single seaters. To be honest, the Orca range has always been known for incredible glide ratios so this being an bigger improvement will be something to experience.

The Orca 5 will be the most attractive offering to commercial Tandem PG pilots but don’t underestimate other offerings such as the Orca XX still available and with a higher payload of 310kgs. For the PPG and trike pilots, there is always the Boson, a serious glider that needs a lot more investigation and we are waiting for a delivery to start putting it through its Footlaunch tasks.

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