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It looks like the evolutionary path of reflex paragliders is about to complete a circle.

ReportAir is the next avatar in a line originated by Traper, Action and Reaction, continued through Nucleon and Nucleon WRC, finishing in the Nucleon XX.

This time we focused on the legendary feature of the first designs – the uncompromised stability.

2D Steering

2D system is generally similar to the classic one

Speed System (SS)

A system of lines and pulleys sewn to the appropriate straps

Triple Comfort Line (TCL)

TCL allows you to make corrections and turns even at full speed

Eugene Cussons


What does your WINGMAN say...

The Report Air truly flies like its on rails

Keeping direction and only really changing course with the application of weight shift turning or steering input. What needs to be highlighted with the description of this glider is how incredibly comfortable the flight experience is when flying in mid-day thermic conditions. Pilots that have the most to gain from this glider are those that need to free their hands from the steering toggles in order to use other instruments such as cameras.

WINGMAN’S notes:

The glider is easy to launch although attention has to be given to getting the glider overhead before the power is applied for the takeoff run. This can be achieved with the trimmers open just a bit or by holding the riskers forward until the glider reaches the 12 o’clock position.

  • The glider does not present much agility with make brake toggle input but can give much better turn performance when making use of the tip steering or TST toggles.
  • Even though Dudek does rate this glider to be faster than the Universal on its top speed, your WINGMAN will indicate differently. The glider is best chosen for those that use the platform for photography or aerial observation or cross country.
  • This glider finds itself in a bit of a ‘grey’ area when it comes to its rating. Dudek does not recommend it for training but does recommend it with minimal flight experience after licensing – that does limit the market to only pilots that are second time buyers looking for practical application use.
  • Your WINGMAN will tell you to choose a wing size with all up weight close the weight maximum indicated by Dudek. This is to increase the wing loading and gain more top speed while mitigating some of the slow input response characteristics.

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