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DriftAir, as its name suggests, is a wing for pilots preferring freestyle, dynamic PPG flying, those who want to fly slaloms, or just for people willing their cross-country to be fast and fun.

Triple Comfort Toggles (TCT)

An easy conversion from hard through medium to soft brake handles.

Torque Affect Adjuster

The task of this feature is to counteract the effect of engine torque

Power Attack (PA)

The PA merges speed system with trimmer operation.

Mitchell Graham


What does your WINGMAN say...

One of the most popular additions to join the Dudek line-up.

The Driftair has exceeded the expectation of those that were looking for sport glider that can roll as easy as it can accelerate. The Driftair incorporates the new TCT or Triple Comfort Toggles which makes for comfortable ‘grab-and-turn’ ability.

The Driftair brake feel is more on the firm side and very reactive which allows the pilot to feel every input they make into the glider. This allows the pilot to place the wing tips of the Driftair exactly where intended by feeling every micro input applied to the brake lines and allows precision control that is at the top of its class. The trimmers on the Driftair can be release up to 12cm.

Fully releasing the trimmers and applying full speed bar gives the pilot a total speed increase of 15-18mph! (24-28kph) Experienced pilots can achieve a top speed of up to 45mph (72kph) when flown in the competition weight range. The feel of the glider with the trimmers all the way in is very neutral and balanced. The glider doesn’t surge and over fly the pilot, nor does the glider hang behind and lag on takeoff.

Even in strong thermic air the Driftair will stay solid overhead without surging or requiring aggressive brake inputs.  The Driftair is purposefully made for the pilots that want to twist and turn, roll and bank. It’s very efficient which gives it a phenomenal climb rate, perfect for pilots that love to climb to high altitude quickly to start their next aerobatic run. The aspect ratio of 5.80 is less than the Warp at 6.00; this give the Driftair the advantage of more stability in turbulence and a more forgiving flare while the Warp gains an advantage in efficiency and short aggressive brake travel. 

The WINGMAN is here to answer your most basic question – should I buy the Hadron 3, Warp or Driftair?

Observe the keen eye:

  1. The Driftair distinguishes itself with less aspect ratio giving it a more forgiving, compact sporty feel. It’s the wing of choice for the acro guys/gals or the pilot that loves to use the speed bar slalom style with its PA equipped risers. It’s the most confidence inspiring wing out of the 3 in strong conditions or when pulling G’s.
  2. The Hadron 3 is the choice for the discerning XC pilot that wants a bit of play combined with a focused XC glider that can also give great efficiency with its 6,00 aspect ratio (similar to the Warp) but with more accessible performance, easier takeoff and landing. It’s the wing of choice for the experienced gentleman PPG pilot who enjoys light short brake travel and efficiency but still might throw down a big wingover or barrel roll at sunset and swoop into a smooth long glide landing.
  3. The Dudek Warp is the choice for someone with enough experience to have the ‘freestyle’ ability of the Driftair and the XC focus of the Hadron 3 combined. Thus the Warp is the combination of the two but only appeals to the most experienced pilots mostly due to its most aggressive handling and speed. The warp is the fastest and slowest out of the 3 due to its very long trimmer and speed bar range. The warp doesn’t hold any performance back and allows the pilots to ride the limits of efficiency and speed reaching up to 50mph (80kph) or cruise as slow as 25mph (40kph) to extract the best fuel economy in its class. The PA equipped risers allow the pilot to access the full speed range by only pushing out the speed bar. The Warp is the choice for pilots who have already played near the limits of wings such as the Driftair and Hadron 3 but still want the ultimate wing, either for competition or just to know they are flying the maximum performance wing available.

The Driftair will not disappoint its owner. Most that have purchased it for the right reasons would say exactly that.

It’s my go to, do everything wing from a cruise at sunset taking pictures to pushing my own abilities to the limits of acro and slalom flying.

-Mitch G.

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