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V-King ES is a strenghtened version of the V-King – a compact, single-skin EN-B paraglider, created for both free and powered flying. It is ideal for training.
Its small dimensions when packed are an enormous asset while travelling.

Smart Lock (SL)

Easy Launch Riser (ELR)

Split ‘A’ riser makes for easier launch and ‘big ears’

Speed systeM (SS)

A system of lines and pulleys sewn to the appropriate straps

Matt Miller


What does your WINGMAN say...

You say you want something different in a wing?

Then stop buying wings that are very similar
to each other and try out the Dudek V-King !

Right out of the box you can see this wing will be different ! From the tiny thin risers and lines , to the super light single skin and of course the trade mark look of the bottom with the V’s for attachment points. First thing you will notice when ordering from you dealer is the incredible load range on the wings!

I fly a 24m Solo but in the V-King i fly a 20m! First time i had ever flown anything that small that was the correct size! Of course after you unbox you new wing you will undoubtedly notice the light weight and small
thin risers! They don’t appear to be able to haul you but they will.

Next thing you instantly notice on you first inflation is how ridiculously easy it inflates and flys over head ! Nil wind take off? No worries! Walk ! Don’t run ! No need ! Upon inflating and kiting you squeeze the throttle
and off you go , up that is ! The climb rate is second to none.

While inflight you will experience very soft easy pull on the steering toggles with gentle predicable movements. Very relaxing ! Pull them further and feels like you hit a wall? Now the wing becomes another wing! It’s is remarkable agile for a single skin wing. Inflight it should. be very easy to keep flat level flight
with very little throttle input, of course resulting in less burn rate.

Now all things said , your flight will be relaxing and subtle and of course you guessed it … slow LOL . This wing is designed for easy lazy flights where your not necessarily going anywhere but wanna be in the
air. With that said this is obviously not your main or only wing.

This if the wing you pull out when you just want to be up and flying and relax! Now we come to landings , any head wind at all on a landing and its super easy, nil wind is a little different?

Best to come in engine on at idle for alittle more glide ratio. Upon reaching almost touch down on nil wind , pull all the brakes and you will find it to be a perfect landing.

All in all I’m saying get this wing if you want an entirely different experience!

Lazy, easy but yet still nimble when need be. Get the V-King

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