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Agility, speed or economy – interrelations of these parameters are not only a challenge for the constructor, but also the criteria that guide experienced pilots in choosing the perfect sports wing.

WARP is an attempt to balance them so that the economy does not suffer from speed, speed from maneuverability, and agility from the economy…

Power Attack (PA)

The PA merges speed system with trimmer operation

Torque Affect AdjustEr (TEA)

The task of this feature is to counteract the effect of engine torque

Tripple Comfort Line (TCL)

TCL allows you to make corrections and turns even at full speed

Eugene Cussons


What does your WINGMAN say...

One of the most popular additions to join the Dudek line-up.

If your WINGMAN is on a Warp then there is little chance you would be keeping up with him. Dudek claims that the project goal was to create the best of both Slalom and XC worlds – A combination of the Snake XX and the Hadron XX and they didn’t disappoint.  The Warp should only appeal to the pilots that have mastered most gliders with more than 300 hrs of flight experience on similar wing types.
The reward for tuning your reaction response times comes in the form of the ultimate performance and the means to tame the beast when it gets out of hand.

The WINGMAN has a few summary points on what to expect with the Warp:

If you have built most of your career on intermediate gliders, you will find the launch and abilities of the Warp challenging. The Warp has multiple launch techniques, and it was purposefully designed in such a way.

Therefore if you don’t have the experience then best seek the assistance from a WINGMAN in order to be briefed on the different techniques that would make you the master of all, Trims fully closed requires the pilot to hold the riser forward until the wing reaches 12 o’clock overhead position.

Failure to do this in this trim setting would surely result in stall. This setting allows the user to have the same takeoff distance from either a coastal altitude up to a 7000 ft field (the highest our WINGMEN have tested it). This is possible with the maximum All Up Weight at takeoff.

Whereas the Hadron XX had extreme ground roll and reacted like a traditional airfoil when overloaded, the Warp crushes this with its design. The trims closed setting is also resistant to wind direction and when applying the right technique, will allow the pilot to takeoff in any cross wind direction.
Secondly, with the trims slightly opened to ‘3’, the glider will easily hit overhead position and takeoff in a predictable rotation.

Up to 36 kts is built into the full trim setting and with Warp Drive Speedbar activated the Warp will reach realistic speeds of up to 42 kts realistically although Dudek does claimer higher speeds of up to 46kts.
The Warp has an enormous amount of wing loading and ‘trim slip’ was present with models using the first trim buckle design. With knowledge in hand, Dudek has redesigned the buckle to be much more sturdy and affective.

Competition Slalom pilots tend to stick with the Snake XX brand while XC racing pilots have all moved over to the Warp.

The WINGMAN can confirm that that the Warp is set for an epic revamp that will incorporate some elements of the Hadron 3 and will be faster than the currently model.