For Intermediate/Advanced/Expert Pilot - Fast, Agile and a Sport Pilots dream

Report Air

For Recreation/Intermediate/Advanced Pilots Designed to give great comfort for
long observation and practical application flying such as Photography & Conservation

V-King ES

Compact, single-skin EN-B paraglider, created for both free and powered flying. It is ideal for training.

Dudek Solo

For beginner/Recreation/intermediate Pilot Purposeful design to achieve consistency.
Best for pilots with Sport flying in mind with a bit of XC on the side

Snake XX

For Advanced/Expert Pilot Our competition class glider offering spectacular agility,
control and speed

Orca XX

The Orca XX has truly struck a cord with its audience of tandem pilots that fly for both fun and
for commercial reasons.

Hadron 3

For Intermediate/Advanced/Expert Pilot The Hadron 3 is the XC pick for
consistency, easy launch, and agility that will satisfy most. Slightly faster than Driftair but
purposed for XC speed.

Universal 1.1

For Beginners/Recreation/Intermediate Pilot - Dependable design that works
for PG & PPG. Best for pilots starting out from scratch and with long XC flights in mind.

Nucleon 4

For Recreation/Intermediate When you feel the need to upgrade from your first
wing, the Nucleon 4 offers the desired agility and sporty type flying with capability bordering
competitive flying.


For Advanced/Expert Pilot The penultimate combination glider meant to rock you
world with agility, acceleration, top speed and efficiency. Positioned as the fastest glider in our
range and a very good XC choice with a 70/30 spilt in trimmer/speed bar speed allocation.