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Universal is the first free flying (EN B) paraglider ever which can be converted by its user into a full-blood paramotor canopy (conforming to the DGAC standard).
Universal is a great free-flying recreational paraglide.

Beginning pilots will surely appreciate exceptional comfort in uneasy thermals, resulting from considerable amount of reflex traits present in the design.

Duded Reflex Airfoil (DRA)

Applied in PPG wings fully autostabilised arofoil

Canopy SHAPE Guard (CSG)

Canopy Shape Guard effectively stiffens the wing along all its span, practically eliminating any lateral canopy work.

Flexi Edge Technology (FET)

The leading edge is closed to the airflow

Eugene Cussons


What does your WINGMAN say...

One of the best all time Dudek gliders

The Dudek Universal revolutionized PPG when it came on the scene and it has since been revamped rather than replaced. The glider design is a dual-purpose PG and PPG glider that allows for some great characteristics that one will struggle to find with an alternative beginner glider.

Most notably the Dudek Universal, now the Universal 1.1, boasts an enormous trim range with most of its speed built into the trimmers. This essentially will allow a beginner pilot to fly slow when training but as his experience progresses he can access larger speed ranges that can be considered essential for Cross Country flying.

Key points from instructors and WINGMEN alike:

  • The Universal is forgiving on the pull-up and will allow a take-off run to start even though the glider is not fully in the 12 o’clock overhead position. This is in stark contrast to some of the other Dudek models,
  • The glider tends to ‘yaw’ instead of ‘bank’ when the pilot runs counter to the dominant wind direction. This increases safety as the pilot will have less of a chance to ‘pendulum’ during the rotation part of the take-off run.
  • The ‘point of lift’ is reached at slower speeds during the take-off run therefore shorting the distance required for take-off. The climb rate of the Universal 1.1 when the trims are fully closed is truly exceptional.
  • The top speed with trims in ‘fully opened’ position is likewise, exceptional for a beginner glider.

Its notable that if you are starting your career in paramotor flying while your WINGMEN are flying much more advanced gliders, this glider is advisable as it will allow you to fly very close to the speeds achieved by much more advanced gliders.

Some ‘tips’ from the WINGMEN:

  • Takeoff in the fully trims closed position
  • If the pilot takeoff ‘all up weight’ is close to the mid weight range of the glider up to 10kgs below the maximum takeoff weight, it is advisable to select a trim setting of ‘6’ in order to keep energy on landing as well as ‘flare’ capability once in Ground Effect. The advised trim setting can be lessened as the pilot nears the maximum take-off weight of the specific glider.

WINGMAN gives this glider a 4/5 rating for training and a 5/5 for beginner XC.

Begginer XC

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