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Solo is a pleasant and easy-to-use reflex paraglider for solo fun/XC flying with a paramotor or a light trike. It’s design allows for safe gathering experience at thermalling.
It is robust, stable and offers good lift.

Tip Steering Toggles (TST)

Miniature handles that steer the stabilizers.

Easy Launch Riser (ELR)

Split "A" riser makes for easier launch and "big ears"

Trimmers (TR)

Our new trimmer straps have a visible scale with negative (blue) and positive (red) areas and marked neutral position.

Eugene Cussons


What does your WINGMAN say...

Opinions are varied when it comes to describing the Solo as a training glider.

Opinions are varied when it comes to describing the Solo as a training glider. Certainly, Dudek views it as a glider that should be looked at after the student has completed his or her first flights.

The WINGMAN has a different opinion and has advised many a student on their first SOLO flights with this glider.

Some instructors have actually gone as far as saying that they find the Solo too easy for students to train on and prefer the training process of the Dudek Universal 1.1. The rating of the glider and the reason why Dudek doesn’t indicate this as a training glider has more to do with the certification process than it has to do with the performance of the glider for the purpose.

There is no doubt that if the following WINGMAN tips are followed, a student will complete training faster and have a decreased incident rate:

The most important feature of the Solo comes in the form of its pullup – Slow and precise, the wing requires little effort and a lot less effort than other gliders in its class. If you use too much force, it can shoot up with varying results. If you pull forward slowly, the glider will provide consistency on launches. Along side the easy pullup, comes the ability of this glider to stop when overhead the pilot mitigating the possible overshoot. This ‘self brake’ feature is what gives the Solo its consistency for student training.

Little has been said about the possibility of the new technology Dudek gliders to take off into any wind direction. The Solo has a unique ability to ‘forgive’ a pilot for committing on the take off direction counter to the dominant wind direction. This happens most frequently during student launches in gusty flight conditions.

Your WINGMAN believes this glider can take off in any wind direction with the correct technique. Learning this technique will require talking to Dudek product expert, some ground handling practice and an overwhelming faith in the brand.

The Solo is not a fast glider unless you make use of the Speedbar. This might or might not affect your decision when choosing a Solo as XC glider.

The WINGMAN recommends picking a Dudek Universal 1.1 for XC and a Dudek Solo for Sport flying.

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