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We are proud to present the very best of slalom canopies: Snake XX.

It is a reflex sport paraglider for very experienced pilots, who are familiar with small, fast and very agile canopies with short brakes travel.

This is a demanding wing for demanding pilots.

Alternative Steering System (ALC+)

Does not require adjusting it to actual suspension height

Easy Launch Riser (ELR)

Split ‘A’ riser makes for easier launch and ‘big ears’

Speed System (SS)

A system of lines and pulleys sewn to the appropriate straps

Mitch Graham


What does your WINGMAN say...

Built and Bred for Slalom racing

The penultimate competition glider the Snake XX has most likely more trophies attributed to its name then to any other glider. More competition slalom pilots have raced with the Snake XX than any other glider in the world.  Built and Bred for Slalom racing the Snake XX is fast and is loved by its pilots because of its agility and speed combination. Not only is it known for speed but also absolute solid reflex stability.


I personally can attest to how confidence inspiring the airfoil is on the Snake XX. No other glider on the market has made me feel more secure at full speed than the Snake XX and that is why, I believe, the majority of slalom pilots choose this wing! Its reflex stability at full speed allows the pilot to not stress about the wing collapsing and instead, apply their full focus on flying the glider perfectly through the next turn around the pylon for the fastest lap time.


The Snake XX is a 4 liner riser setup that comes with 2D steering and Dudek’s Power Attack system. (A must have for slalom racing.) It has an aspect ratio of 5.9, 60 cells, and was designed to be flown at very high wing loadings. The Snake XX is for the aspiring slalom champion who wants a dedicated racing wing that they can trust. It is backed up by thousands of hours of pilots flying this wing at the limit of its speed and agility and has proven itself again and again. If you are considering buying a Snake XX, just remember that it was designed as a dedicated racing machine for experienced pilots. If you are unsure on which glider to purchase, reach out to myself or other Dudek Wingmen for advice on choosing a glider to fit your flying style.


We know that Dudek is working on the Snake 3 and I personally cannot wait to try one. I can only hope that it will be as legendary as the Snake XX!


-Mitch G

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