Snake 3 is out!

One of the most anticipated gliders to come the way of the paramotoring world has finally arrived. The Snake XX is adored far and wide and now with the Snake 3, everybody is asking “what can we expect?”

As on the official Dudek release, the glider took up to 5 years of development. Many Many prototypes before they were happy with the final product. Rumor has it up to 11 but certainly there could be a higher figure.

One thing we don’t have to doubt, are the actual race results in the Euro races. Nail biting racing! Soo many good gliders out there but as soon as the Snake takes the circuit and the time come in, the results are there for all to see. The pilots might be excellent but they are armed with a exceptional weapon.

Here is the thing – Having spoken to the race pilots – Do not take the description lightly from Dudek when they say its the glider for the “best Slalom pilots”. It has exceptional handing and speed and the slightest mistake when it comes to pilling on the brakes when still on Speedbar, and the reaction will be immediate. Every test pilot will tell you that there has never been such a great race glider and therefore, if you are only getting into Slalom, WINGMEN will recommend the Driftair, but if you know what you are doing, then look no further then the Snake 3.

So what to pay attention to in the Tech Specs?

First, it has a 5.80 Aspect ratio. If you were hoping for a 6.0 you are looking at the wrong category. This is not a XC wing although a 5.80 is not bad at all.

Have a look at the weight range

I’ll sum it up. It has insane lift!

Whereas the normal top weight of the size 14 is 85 kgs, its max competition weight is 30kgs higher! Dudek will not build a glider that gets stuck on a ground roll so the design features must have truly insane lift solutions to say the least.

If anyone’s been watching Lojak’s media posts, some of the speeds he’s been posting is so fast that we have to doubt but I have it on good authority that this glider, is the bomb when it comes to speed.

We’ll be begging Lojak for a WINGMAN review now that the glider is out and about. Place your orders ladies and gents!

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