Orca 5 – Details!!

As announced earlier, Orca 5 will be the first wing with the implemented technology of precise leading edge
shaping – Leading Edge 3D.

The LE3D uses a system of additional cuts on the top surface of the
leading edge along the wing chord. The upper surface of each cell in
these areas consists now of three elements instead of one.

The new solution is more labor-intensive, but the effect is worth it.
Additional cuts minimize fabric wrinkling and more accurately reflect
the designed shape of the aerodynamic profile in the crucial zones,
where most lift is generated.

Dudek has been working on the scope and shape of LE3D for over a year,
first by analysing the results of computer simulations of air flows and stress distribution, and then measuring the performance of the prototypes. As observed, implementation of this
solution in our latest designs has positively influenced both the glide ratio and maneuverability of the wings.

The concept of the tripartite cell surface was originally proposed by our longtime graphic designer, Włodzimierz Bykowski, as a starting point for designing the new logo and changing the visual identification of all newly produced wings. This process is described in more detail on the author’s blog

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