SNAKE 3 and WARP 2

Probably the hottest discussion topic within our community. There is no point in denying that these two models are coming to the line up. The Snake 3 has already featured in some Slalom races and it goes without saying that its been taking names and kicking a**! We can’t release the details and the size chart but its coming so hang in there. Our WINGMAN ‘Lojak’ is working with Dudek on the promotional movie for release and with that there will be some meat to bone on how it compares to our other products

Now. The WARP 2. What can we say. HUGE anticipation for this. How can it possibly improve on WARP 1.

We have some inside knowledge on this one but we been sworn to silence. Here is one detail we will release – ITS FASTER…THAN ANYTHING ELSE. How it achieves that we will have to wait and see.

What are we hoping for? Ideally we’d like to see the TCT or Triple Comfort Toggles to be introduced to it WITHOUT it loosing steering sensitivity. What else? Well we need speed, more of it will be welcome.

Several of our WINGMEN are on the Dudek priority grouping to receive the glider for flying after certification so if you follow our news site you will be the FIRST to get feedback.

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