With the Orca series of gliders being a serious hit with customers, the product line is about to grow with the addition of the Orca 5.

The basic parameters of the canopy, such as aspect ratio, number of
cells, etc. are the same as in Orca 4. At the pilots’ request, we
introduce cleats on risers to keep big ears locked.

Dudek will be announcing a premier date around mid-August and will be revealing final design range.

Here’s what we know so far – the aerodynamics have been improved so besides the glider most likely being a tad faster it most likely will also be easier to pull-up then its predecessor, the Orca 4.

What has set the Orca range apart from its competitors is the ability to reach ‘point of lift’ reasonably faster then a normal tandem glider and therefore there is not a lot of running involved. Climb rate was never great with the Orca XX so will we see an improvement in this department? The WINGMEN will spill the beans as soon as one of us gets our hands on it!

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