Introducing WINGMAN

So the big news is the band of Dudek pilot bro’s that have joined forces to create a new platform for all those that indulge in the brand. Some of our WINGMEN are test pilots that get to see and fly gliders before anyone else, some are instructors with thousands of hours training students on nothing but Dudek. Some are product experts with a wealth of knowledge and some work directly with the factory staff to get product to the market and relay information back and forth.

What is it all about?

We all have relied on a wingman from time to time and there is a good reason for it – working through a challenging situation, dealing with a unique set of circumstances in the air or the guy that lends an eye with wise words of wisdom to follow. These are just to mention a few of the times a wingman has come handy to us all.

Well the Dudek WINGMEN are here to support our brand users in any way we can. From insiders news to expert product advice on a glider your thinking about buying. From giving you tips on the best user techniques to writing up honest reviews on our findings. The WINGMEN are here to help!

Although the WINGMAN have volunteered their time in support of their flying friends. We also have a professional sales platform that makes use of the Nirvana dealer network and we supply gliders in our own color schemes. If you are thinking about upgrading, let our WINGMEN give you the best advice and leave the rest to our sales network to communicate. Here are some of the page features:

On this page you can:

Contact a WINGMAN direct through MESSENGER chat.

Choose a glider model and read up on the review done by one of our WINGMEN. The review is followed by a collection of Youtube videos done by our WINGMAN on the specific model and we will keep adding more!

Read up on the latest news articles that mostly feature news that fresh and relevant.

Our Paramotor Nation hosted by WINGMAN John Ripa is entertaining if you are a paramotor junky. Follow the link and join in on the show!

Sales through our Nirvana Network is world wide! We have a exclusive color scheme for every Dudek model whether it be PG or PPG gliders.

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