Boson Color Change!

Alright, the Universal has had its color change and now its time for the Boson to get a facelift. The new colors will be replacing the older design as of the end of July 2021.

The Boson is a tandem performance glider meant to bring speed and efficiency to the table. The introduction of this glider has been recent and the glider was well received with trike and tandem trike pilots alike.

Interesting fact on the Boson, its slowest speed comes in 3 km/hr less than the Orca XX but it offers a much wider speed range. The Boson has been advertised for advanced pilots that indulge in trike and tandem flights but we are yet to get feedback from Foot Launch pilots so the WINGMAN would like to hear from our community. If you are doing Foot Launch tandem with the Boson let us know via the contact section!

In the mean time, and since there is a lack of feedback on this, the WINGMAN has got a Boson on order for one of its tandem masters for this reason and we will be happy to send feedback as it comes.

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